Six failure causes of hydraulic rock breaker hammer and solutions one

Published by HuiTong 2022-12-20

Hydraulic rock breaker hammer is an important working tool of hydraulic excavator, which plays the role of impact, hammering, and crushing. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, transportation, railway, tunnel and other industries.

In order to improve the continuity and stability of the hydraulic rock breaker hammer, the hydraulic breaker should be used and maintained in a standardized manner, and the causes of various failures and solutions should be understood. This article shares 6 common failures of hydraulic breakers and some failure cases encountered by users.


hydraulic rock breaker hammer


Breaker structure

The power source of the hydraulic rock breaker hammer is the pressure oil provided by the pumping station of the excavator or loader. In use, due to factors such as environment, operation, components, etc., various failures will occur, such as poor impact continuity, decreased impact force, insufficient impact frequency, abnormal tubing vibration, oil leakage of hydraulic breaker, etc., which will cause hydraulic breaker The decline in performance and efficiency increases the safety hazards of crushing operations.


Common types of hydraulic breaker failures

1. Failure phenomenon: the continuity of the hydraulic rock breaker hammer is reduced

main reason:

There are three main cases of poor continuity of hydraulic breakers:

1) The oil circuit of the hydraulic breaker is blocked, resulting in no high-pressure oil in the oil circuit, and problems such as poor continuity;

2) Hydraulic breaker oil circuit failure, there are problems such as wrong connection of oil pipes, insufficient pressure value, wrong direction of the reversing valve, piston jam, failure of the stop valve, etc., which will cause the hydraulic breaker to have insufficient impact force or impact stagnation;

3) The drill rod of the hydraulic breaker is stuck, and the continuity and periodicity of the hydraulic breaker are affected, which leads to problems with the function and stability of the hydraulic rock breaker hammer.


1) When the continuity of the hydraulic breaker is poor, the oil circuit of the hydraulic breaker should be checked immediately, and the blocked parts should be cleaned or replaced in time;

2) Check the oil supply system of the hydraulic breaker, focusing on the oil pipe interface, reversing valve direction, stop valve, and piston;

3) To check and adjust the state of the drill rod of the hydraulic breaker, use a grinding wheel or oil stone to polish the drill rod that has problems.


hydraulic rock breaker hammer


2. Failure phenomenon: the impact force of the hydraulic rock breaker hammer drops

main reason:

Hydraulic rock breaker hammer oil circuit leakage, hydraulic breaker control bolt stroke insufficient, hydraulic breaker oil circuit blockage, hydraulic breaker oil temperature is too high, these will cause the hydraulic breaker's impact force to decrease, the impact stroke is insufficient, and the hydraulic breaker works as a whole Performance drops.


1) On the basis of determining the reason for the insufficient impact force of the hydraulic breaker, the hydraulic and power system of the hydraulic breaker shall be thoroughly inspected and thoroughly repaired.

2) Starting from the inspection of the hydraulic rock breaker hammer oil circuit, check and repair the hydraulic breaker oil circuit pipeline, replace the valve and piston that have problems, and clean or replace the contaminated parts in time.

3) In addition, attention should be paid to the inspection of the cooling system of the hydraulic breaker. On the basis of ensuring the normal operation of the cooling system, the oil temperature of the hydraulic breaker should be controlled to ensure the impact of the hydraulic breaker.