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Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a factory with focusing on excavator attachments and customizing parts manufacturing since 2010. We've gained self-export right since 2015, and starting our exporting experience from 2016. With the self-exporting permit, we will be able to provide high quality products with less cost to our customers. Feel free to know more about us on the about page.

Where is your factory located? May I go visit?

 We are located in No.1 Qiangang Street, Jinpeng Industrail Park, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China. And, of course, feel free to contact us if you wanted to pay us a visit. We will arrange our driver to pick you up anywhere in Guangzhou, China. Just informing our sales about your travel plan, and we will help you take care the rest.

Will there be installation instruction for my order?

Yes, there will be installation instruction for every HT products. If you had questions about installation, you could always talk to us. Video instruction is available also.

Why don't you have CE Certification?

We are ISO Certificated company since 2014 but we don't have CE certification. Because CE Certification is for single product and we had too many product lines to registed CE for. But we do export to Europe, Our customers said its easy to solve the CE problem on their site. 

What's your Quality Control be like?

We had restrictive Quality Control System from the raw material inspecting to the final goods' inspection. Every product has been inspected multiple times before packaging and delievery. Inspections inclulding: 1. Incoming material inspection, making sure our raw materials' qualification. 2. Welding inspection, making sure every weld meets our standards. 3. Configuration inspection, following up with all items in the order. 4. Inspection before sending out, double checking the order detail, making sure we send out what you excatly wanted. Moreover, the whole QC process and all the paper work is available for you to see once you required. What's more, unlike some companies hidding the production process, our production process is also available for you to see, once you required.

Dose your company accpet OEM? Can I put my logo on it?

We sure do accpet OEM. In fact, We've been accepting OEM ever since 2011, which means we could manufacture products based on your specific size on parts. And of course, you can put your logo on the products, as long as the logo is not violating the law.

Can I ask for your price sheet that contains all the price of your products?

Unfortunately, our price sheet is only open to our sales agents and distributors. Feel free to ask our sales agent about the price, our quotation is available, usually, within 10 hours. If you want to be our distributor, feel free to inform our sales, and we will provide relevent information.