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How does the high-efficiency hydraulic vibration piling hammer work?

Published by HuiTong 2024-07-17

    The current main application areas of high-efficiency hydraulic vibratory piling hammer: steel sheet pile engineering, road and bridge engineering construction, vibratory density implementation, rotary pile construction, sinking pipe pile foundation construction, concrete sheet pile construction, offshore piling construction, and pile foundation construction in sensitive areas Etc.; permanent engineering projects: wharf, water conservancy levee protection bank, retaining wall, retaining wall, breakwater, diversion dike, dock, gate; offshore pile foundation construction, road and bridge engineering, civil construction, municipal, water conservancy engineering, etc. Temporary engineering Projects: mountain closure, current cutoff, bridge construction and cofferdam, temporary bank expansion, large-scale pipeline laying, temporary trench excavation, water retention, sand retention, etc.; it can also be used for flood control, collapse prevention, and quicksand prevention.

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Main features of high-efficiency hydraulic vibrating hydraulic hammer:

    It is powered by hydraulic pressure, has the advantages of high impact frequency, large impact skills, low vibration during construction, low noise, no disturbance to the people, novel design, small size, and convenient transportation. However, the structure is complex, the cost is high, and the requirements for use and maintenance are high. Scope of application: suitable for various soil layers and pile shapes; with good ability to drive inclined piles; suitable for large pile foundation projects with high precision requirements.

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    The high-efficiency hydraulic vibration piling hammer motor mainly relies on the frequency modulation power supply to modulate the motor frequency to high-speed rotation and drive the eccentric to make a circular motion, thereby generating vibration, and transmitting the vibration to the end cover and even the casing through the raceway. The high-efficiency hydraulic vibratory pile hammer has high excitation frequency, small amplitude, large radiation range, improved component compactness, fast forming, and greatly improved quality. It can reach a high speed of 9800 revolutions per minute.