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Why do you need to add counterweight after modifying excavator long reach arm

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

With the development of construction machinery, excavators have developed rapidly, which has also led to the development of related accessories. Among them, the extension arm of excavators has developed the fastest. At the time of work, the standard excavator is not long enough and needs reinforcement. Many customers have asked about excavation. Do I need to add counterweight after the machine is extended excavator long reach arm? Here Huitong will answer it for you:


excavator long reach arm


The parameters of the original equipment of the excavator are set. If it is rashly lengthened or increased in weight, it is necessary to increase the counterweight, otherwise the equipment will be damaged due to uneven force. The middle fulcrum of the extension arm of the excavator, the gravity of both ends is balanced; that is to say, with the excavator rotary disk as the central force point, the balance of the moment between the counterweight and the bucket (self-weight + bucket content weight + digging force), in popular terms: bucket rod, The boom is straight and parallel to the ground, and the bucket is full of materials. At this time, the excavator cannot "pull its butt". The excavator long reach arm is a large and small arm that is specially extended to meet the excavator's larger working range. Its working radius, digging height , the excavation depth can be lengthened, so it can better meet the specific working conditions of the excavator.


excavator long reach arm


In the process of formulating the excavator long reach arm, be sure to inform the manufacturer what kind of working conditions I want to do, whether it is demolition or deep excavation. Different working conditions have different configurations. Don't think that I have installed it. Extending the arm can do anything. After all, this is an excavator modification, and the stability is still slightly poor. If there is still something you don't understand, you can contact us by phone. We will definitely answer for you.