Why are there iron pieces in the excavator cylinder

Published by HuiTong 2022-06-30

Excavator accessories cylinders have a variety of functions, such as transmitting power, isolating wear surfaces, reducing friction between components, suspending pollutants, controlling oxidation and cooling of component surfaces, etc. Many friends will wonder why there are iron pieces in the excavator accessories cylinders, why?


excavator accessories cylinders


First look at the size of these iron sheets. It may be brought in by some pipelines and components, or it may be left uncleaned during production, or it may not be brought into the usual maintenance. The iron that goes in, all this should be judged according to the actual situation


excavator accessories cylinders


Since various pollutants in the oil cylinder have a direct impact on the working reliability of the oil cylinder system and the service life of the components, in order to effectively control the pollution of the hydraulic system, in addition to cleaning the components and systems, in order to eliminate the residues in the process of processing and assembly In addition to pollutants, certain measures must be taken to prevent pollutants from invading the system to control the pollutants intruding from the outside.