Two Remedial Methods for excavator hydraulic pipes

Published by HuiTong 2022-06-30

When a excavator hydraulic pipes occurs in the operation project, because the burst pipe is due to the high pressure in the hydraulic pipe, in order to avoid excessive loss of hydraulic oil, the bucket should be dropped first, and then the machine should be shut down and turned off to reduce the pressure in the hydraulic system. Slow down oil loss.


If the conditions of the construction site are limited and the excavator hydraulic pipes cannot be replaced immediately, certain repair measures can be taken.


excavator hydraulic pipes


When the rubber hose with the pressure of the hydraulic system between 25-8.0MPa is broken, the sticking method can be adopted: the specific method is to wipe clean around the broken part of the hose; apply "anaerobic" glue, "epoxy resin" "Glue", "801" glue or "502" glue, wrap 4-5 layers of adhesive tape or cloth strip around the glued place (each layer should be coated with glue) to temporarily seal.


In the hydraulic system of some excavators and loaders, the rubber hoses of the same oil circuit have the same specifications, but bear different oil pressures. Broken hoses are mostly hoses that are subject to high oil pressure.


Simply glue or tie the broken hose; use the oil pipes of the large cavity and the small cavity of the boom cylinder interchangeably (that is, use the unbroken oil pipe to withstand high pressure, and use the broken but simply repaired or tied oil pipe withstand low pressure).


excavator hydraulic pipes

The above methods are only used as temporary emergency remedial measures, and the performance of the hydraulic pipe will be degraded to a certain extent. Therefore, once the hydraulic pipe bursts, the new excavator hydraulic pipes should be replaced as soon as possible and the hydraulic oil should be replenished as soon as possible.