What are the advantages of the one-piece ripper boom

Published by HuiTong 2022-06-30

One-piece ripper boom, compared to the traditional rock arm, this one-piece design eliminates the bucket cylinder, connects the forearm and the ripper as one, so that the forearm forms an integral arm.



Advantages of the one-piece ripper boom:

1. The forearm is cut from a whole piece of high-strength manganese steel, which reduces welding and processing and reduces the cost.


2. The boom is no longer a solid boom, but a hollow reinforced boom, which reduces the weight and reduces the overall performance loss of the excavator.


3. The innovative design of the one-piece ripper boom combines the oil circuit of the bucket cylinder and the stick cylinder into the pipeline of the stick cylinder, which increases the overall flow of the stick cylinder and improves the strength and speed of the stick cylinder. It is also increased under certain circumstances without changing the overall hydraulic system of the excavator, resulting in lower losses and greater power.


4. The thickness of the forearm plate of the integrated rock arm reaches a thickness of 30 cm, which can adapt to more severe working conditions without quality problems and increase the service life of the rock arm.


5. The structures such as the ripper and the shaft connecting rod are cancelled, which makes maintenance easier, the failure rate is lower, and the driver is more relaxed.



The one-piece ripper boom compared to the previous rock boom:

1. On the surface, the old rock arm has one more movement and is more flexible. In actual work, due to the structural limitation of the ripper, when digging rocks with low hardness, the depth is limited; when digging rocks with high hardness, the ripper is easy to break. The one-piece ripper boom replaces the forearm and the ripper with a whole steel plate. Although some flexibility is sacrificed, it completely solves the problem of the old rock arm, which is "soft to dig deep, and hard to break easily".


2. The bucket cylinder of the old rock arm is more of a support. The integrated arm cancels the bucket oil cylinder, and connects the oil pipe of the bucket oil cylinder to the stick oil cylinder, which greatly improves the strength and speed of the stick oil cylinder.


3. From the working principle of the equipment, whether it is a traditional rock arm or an integrated arm, the destructive force of the ripper is increased by increasing its own weight. Simply put, the heavier the weight, the more it can be suppressed. The weight of the old rock arm is mainly concentrated in the big arm, and the weight of the integrated arm is mainly concentrated in the forearm. Most of the weight of the big arm will be transmitted to the body through the lifting cylinder, and only the weight of the forearm can be effectively transmitted to the front end stress point. In other words, the design of this one-piece ripper boom makes the weight distribution more reasonable to achieve better working results.