Excavator second section long reach boom manual

Published by HuiTong 2022-06-30

1. Product description map

1. Boom seat pin 2. Boom cylinder tail pin 3. Boom cylinder 4. Boom cylinder rod head pin 5. Extended boom 6. Stick cylinder tail pin 7. Stick cylinder 8. Boom fork 9. Bucket cylinder rod head pin 10. Boom fork pin 11. Lengthened forearm 12. Bucket cylinder tail pin 13. Bucket cylinder 14. Bucket cylinder rod head pin 15. Rocker, forearm middle sleeve 16. Bucket pin , Forearm front cover 17. Bucket 18 connecting rod, bucket pin

excavator second section long reach boom


2. Installation Instructions

1. All pins and pin holes must be greased before installation.

2. Installation sequence: first install the boom seat and the excavator fixed seat, connect the two boom cylinders on the boom, and then connect and install the forearm and the boom; then install the stick cylinder, bucket cylinder and high pressure soft Pipe; finally install the bucket, connecting rod, rocker.


3. Applicable occasions

Q345B is selected as the material of the excavator second section long reach boom, which is divided into standard type and reinforced type. The standard type is suitable for light-duty operating environments such as river dredging and slope trimming; the reinforced type is suitable for hard soil excavation and gravel loading and other operating environments.


excavator second section long reach boom


4. Maintenance

The pin shafts of the big and small arms must be lubricated once for 4 hours of continuous operation. Lubricating oil should be added before working every day. The oil pipes should be tightened immediately. Regularly check whether there is any abnormality in the key parts every day, including whether there are cracks in the wall plate of the cylinder rod head of the big arm. , Whether there is a crack at the tail ear seat of the stick cylinder, and whether there is a crack at the ear seat of the stick cylinder head (the tail of the forearm). When not working, the excavator second section long reach boom should be retracted as shown in the figure above.


5. Matters needing attention

The capacity of the bucket must be within the specified range, and it is strictly prohibited to be used in heavy-duty operating environments such as mines, rivers, and deep-sea excavation of rocks.