What should I do if the excavator shaft pin cannot be broken

Published by HuiTong 2022-06-30

Sometimes the shaft pin of the excavator has rusted due to the lack of lubrication and protection of butter, and it is difficult to hit the excavator shaft pin when replacing the bucket or breaker. The bore becomes larger and the pin is removed. The editor does not recommend this, because after overheating, the properties of the metal will change. It may cause hidden dangers in future use.


excavator shaft pin


If it is determined that the excavator shaft pin needs to be replaced, here is a little trick, which is also learned by the great god Wu Zero Wu Lin in the forum, that is to use gas welding to melt the middle of the pin and take out a hole, or burn out a cross petal. This way It's a lot easier to get rid of the pins!


Under normal circumstances, there will be impurities such as sand and gravel in the worn shaft sleeve. If it is not removed and replaced directly, the shaft sleeve and excavator shaft pin will still have a lot of wear. Since all parts have been removed, if conditions permit, It is recommended that you use gasoline or rust remover to clean the bushing and the grease passage (of course, it is also good to replace it with a new one). After cleaning, apply some butter, reinstall it, and then you can make a lot of money for normal construction!


excavator shaft pin


The solution is very simple. The most common method is to tie the iron wire in the middle of the gas-welded oxygen rope and tie it at the gap. Or take a section of the conveyor belt and tie it at the gap with iron wire, which can achieve good protection for the pin. . Of course, there are various protection methods, not limited to these. Huitong has also seen bicycles and trucks that are directly tied with inner tubes. Anyway, as long as it can play the role of wrapping, it can be used. This simple operation allows you to use less butter, It will not wear the shaft sleeve.


Buttering is actually the most basic and daily work from the first day of being an apprentice. Even if you are in a very remote and dry mine, you may not be able to brush your teeth and wash your face every day, but you can’t save butter! But if you do Without regular maintenance, even if the excavator shaft pin are worn out, it can only be said: maybe you are really not suitable for this line of work!