How does a orange peel grab work

Published by HuiTong 2022-06-30

The orange peel grab refers to the machine that grasps the steel material, which is generally evolved from the hydraulic excavator. The big and small arms of the grasper are commonly known as "grab arms", which are generally long. The front end of the grasper is a steel grasper, that is, a grasper, also known as a plum-type hydraulic grab and an orange-petal grab. Its main function is to carry out scrap metal. , industrial waste, gravel, construction waste, domestic waste and various materials grabbing and loading operations. So how does the lotus grip, which plays a huge role in moving and loading and unloading heavy objects, work?


orange peel grab


How the orange peel grab works:


The orange peel grab is an effective tool for handling large irregular materials such as scrap steel, pig iron, ore, and garbage.


The hydraulic orange peel grab (steel grabber) is a device used in conjunction with the bucket. The opening and closing movement of the hydraulic grab is controlled by the control handle through the fixed hinge seat, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic grab, hydraulic oil pipe and the supporting hydraulic integrated control circuit. , can cooperate with the excavation to carry out fixed heavy objects, such as stones, wood, metal waste and other large heavy objects, making up for the single function that the bucket can only excavate.


Through the low-cost transformation, the excavator has the function of grabbing heavy objects, and also expands the use space and application occasions of the excavator. Compared with the reconfigured grab bucket of the excavator, its use cost is reduced by one third. Both the bucket and the bucket can achieve separate control movements, making the use of space more flexible and easy to operate. When excavation work is required, the hydraulic grip can be retracted without affecting the excavation work. In the application that needs to be used, there is a function that can achieve grabbing, which is not really a transformation that is cleverly used and multiplied with half the effort.


orange peel grab


Hydraulic orange peel grab are divided into four-lobed and five-lobed, rotating and non-rotating, and connection methods are divided into fixed and swing types. The non-slewing grab adopts the excavator bucket cylinder oil pipe, and does not need to increase the hydraulic valve block and pipeline. A set of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines should be added to the rotary grab for control.


The orange peel grab, also known as the steel grasper, is designed for grasping loose or bulk materials such as stone, scrap metal, household waste, etc. When the five grasps (four grasps) are fully opened, the diameter of the grasping area can reach 2 meters. The hydraulic five-lobe (four-lobe) grab bucket can use the oil circuit of the bucket oil pipe without additional pipeline, and the operation is simple and easy to learn, and the work efficiency is high under the actual working conditions, safe and reliable.