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Excavator sheet pile driver performance and application

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

The excavator sheet pile driver is composed of sheet pile hammer, jib, clamping nozzle and other equipment. Using its high-frequency vibration, the pile body is vibrated at high acceleration, and the vertical vibration generated by the machine is transmitted to the pile body, resulting in the soil structure around the pile due to vibration. changes and the intensity decreases. The soil around the pile body is liquefied to reduce the frictional resistance between the pile side and the soil body, and then the pile is sunk into the soil by the down pressure of the excavator, the excavator sheet pile driver and the weight of the pile body. When pulling out the pile, with one side vibrating, the pile is pulled up with the lifting force of the excavator. The excitation force required by the piling machine should be comprehensively determined according to the soil layer, soil quality, moisture content of the site, and the type and structure of the pile.


Excavator sheet pile driver


1. It is installed on the standard arm of the excavator itself, and is powered by the hydraulic system of the excavator, which is very convenient to operate. It can also be designed and installed on the extension arm according to the work requirements to make the working range wider. The body is welded with high-quality low-alloy high-strength steel plates, and is precision machined after heat treatment. The core components and important components are imported brands to make them durable. Higher performance, more suitable and outstanding for dealing with complex construction site environment. High-efficiency imported vibration-damping rubber blocks are used, and the quality is stable. Our company has installed a double pressure-holding protection device. When the vibration is operating, the safety device automatically tightens the chuck and firmly locks the system pressure to ensure that the clamped sheet pile will not be clamped. The loose construction stability, reliability and safety are the primary conditions. 


Excavator sheet pile driver


2. The operation of the excavator sheet pile driver can be completed by one excavator driver. The same set of equipment is used for piling and pulling. The operation between piling and pulling is fast, with good mobility, and there is no need to disassemble and assemble the transfer site. The excavator sheet pile driver can be matched with the excavator of any manufacturer, and it does not need to modify the excavator. It can drive 6-18 meters of pipe piles, steel sheet piles, Larsen piles, U-shaped steel, I-beam, steel pipe piles; drive photovoltaic cement piles, prefabricated square piles, wood piles, etc.; for different types, just replace the clamping nozzle, That is to meet our requirements. It can be constructed in urban areas, with low noise, in line with urban and environmental protection standards, and is not limited by the site.