Selection of breaker hammer drill rod

Published by HuiTong 2022-12-20

The machining process of the breaker hammer drill rod: After the round steel is cut off, it is first heat-treated and ductile annealing, and then CNC lathes and CNC milling machines are preferred, and companies with strict data control also use ordinary cars for production. Next is the heat treatment step, preferably a salt bath furnace. However, due to the strict domestic control of salt bath furnaces, most enterprises mainly use well-type carburizing furnaces, and the quenching liquid is preferably imported quenching liquid. The final process is shot blasting and painting. ,Package.


breaker hammer drill rod


The heat treatment process of the breaker hammer drill rod is preferably quenched as a whole and tempered in sections. The HRC hardness value of the impact part of the drill rod is 56-58, and the HRC of the impact part of the piston is 45-48.

Claims for breaker hammer drill rod: breaker hammer drill rod are consumable products, and the long-term operating medium is ore, roadbed, concrete, ships, slag, etc. Therefore, the tip of the drill rod will be worn during the working process. If the daily maintenance does not pay attention to the renewal of the inner jacket and the butter filling, it is easy to cause the shank tail to be broken, so the claim identification is also a cumbersome process.


Drill Rod Selection Guide

1. One-headed steel drill: suitable for excavation and trenching of various soft and neutral layered rocks.

2. Cross-head steel drill: suitable for the crushing of fine-grained and neutral concrete and soft non-layered rock.

3. Flat head steel drill: suitable for the crushing of medium-hard stones or small broken stones, making them smaller.


breaker hammer drill rod


Replacement of steel brazing

1. First remove the stop pin and the 330mm long steel brazing pin. When reinstalling, put the steel brazing pin in the correct position and insert the steel brazing pin.

2. When re-installing the steel drill, proceed in the reverse order of disassembly, and first check whether the parts are worn or cracked.

3. If the steel drill is deformed, it should be polished and repaired, and the steel drill pin and the movable part of the steel drill should be coated with lubricating oil, and then the steel drill will be installed; if the breaker hammer drill rod pin is seriously deformed, it will bring about the replacement of the steel drill Difficult, so every 100-150 hours of work should be checked.