Common sense and maintenance skills of excavator vibrating tamper

Published by HuiTong 2022-06-30

The selection and configuration of shock-absorbing rubber pads by excavator vibrating tamper manufacturers are required to meet the requirements of actual engineering operations. During the specific operation and maintenance process, the following points should be paid attention to:


excavator vibrating tamper


1. When the excavator vibrating tamper is compacting, it is bound to turn on the shock. Before that, adjust the throttle controller to a high speed, and then turn on the shock switch;

2. When driving the excavator vibrating tamper to replace the forward and reverse gears, be sure to turn off the vibration switch first, lower the throttle controller, and then perform the operation of changing gears;

3. Regularly clean the residue on the shock-absorbing rubber pad;


excavator vibrating tamper


4. Tighten the shock-absorbing pad bolts before work;

5. When parking, pay attention to whether the arm of the excavator is dropped. The drop of the arm will cause the weight of the arm to be pressed down, which will cause the shock-absorbing rubber to lose its elasticity and be damaged;

6. When the machine is idle, the aging of the machine should be properly prevented, and it is strictly forbidden to be exposed to the sun (high temperature environment) and rain or be in the outdoor low temperature environment for a long time.