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How to Extend the Service Life of Excavator Bushings

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

Abnormal noise of work equipment

When the excavator is working, there will be abnormal noises at the connection of the big and small arms, when lifting the big arm and when the bucket is recovered. Why is this? Huitong will share with you the specific reasons and solutions for abnormal noises in the work equipment for your reference.


excavator bushing


Lack of lubrication

The grease nipple of the big arm and bucket is lacking, resulting in poor lubrication of the pin shaft and excavator bushing of the working device, and abnormal dry grinding noise. It is recommended to fill the grease nipple of the working device with butter every day until the butter leaks out.


Replace non-compliant parts

If the size and specifications of the replaced parts and the parts on the original car do not match, the gap between the working devices will become larger and larger over time.


The gap of the working device becomes larger

For excavators with a long working life, due to the long-term friction of the working parts (such as excavator bushing, pins, etc.), the wear degree is intensified, and the gap between the parts will gradually increase. Even if the butter is added on time every day, there will be abnormal noises. In this case, the most palliative solution is to replace the parts with larger gaps.


excavator bushing


How to tell the difference between original and non-original bushings:

Different appearance

The original bushing is an X-shaped oil groove and an O-shaped groove, and the non-original bushing is generally a point-shaped oil groove.


Different installation methods

The original bushing needs to be frozen with liquid nitrogen before installation, and it will be more suitable for the working device after normal temperature. The auxiliary factory can generally tap and install.


Huitong suggestion

It is better to use the original parts for the pins and excavator bushing on the bucket, the big and small arms, and the I-frame. Because the original bushing is better than the non-original bushing, whether it is process, material quality or groove wear resistance, and the service life is longer.