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Classification of hydraulic breaker drill rods

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

PART1. What is hydraulic breaker drill rods

The hydraulic breaker drill rods is the tool used to connect the drill bit and the rock drilling in the tunnel engineering.


hydraulic breaker drill rods


PART2. Classification and use of hydraulic breaker drill rods

According to the processing form of the hydraulic breaker drill rods: roughly divided into five categories: flat drill rod, pointed drill rod, flat drill rod, square head slotted drill rod, and round head slotted drill rod. The uses are as follows:

1. Pointed hydraulic breaker drill rods: Conical quadrilateral drill rod is a common type on the market. This type of drill rod has strong penetrating power. Strong crushing force to break the surface, even hard and difficult to work objects can be easily broken, such as high-hardness rock, concrete, etc.

2. In-line hydraulic breaker drill rods: The working principle is the same as that of the cone quadrilateral, which gathers energy at one point for crushing. However, due to the flat design, it is more wear-resistant and more suitable for handling some hard broken objects. Objects like high hardness rock, layered concrete, etc.


hydraulic breaker drill rods


3. Flat-head hydraulic breaker drill rods: Flat-head drill rods are generally used for secondary crushing. Secondary crushing is to crush the crushed objects or objects with medium hardness. Due to the flat head design, it does not have too strong penetration, and it is more like a blunt weapon than the first two. The other two kinds of wear occur at the end of the drill rod, while the drill rod wear of the flat head design only occurs in the length, and it can also break brittle, hard objects.

4. Pointed slotted hydraulic breaker drill rods: generally used for large breakers, 175 and above breaker models, this drill rod is suitable for mining, especially for ores with relatively high viscosity, the groove is conducive to the easy removal of gas from the head of the drill rod , so that there is no vacuum gas at the front end of the hydraulic breaker drill rods to prevent the drill rod from cutting into the ore, so that the drill rod can break the ore more easily.

5. Round head slotted hydraulic breaker drill rods: In fact, the function is similar to the fourth one summarized by Huitong, and there is not much difference. No matter what kind of drill rod is used, the key is to have a useful breaker.