Misunderstanding of the use of the breaker hammer

Published by HuiTong 2022-12-20

The breaker hammer is an important accessory of the excavator, and the correct use of the breaker is crucial to the life of the excavator. This time, the editor brings the correct selection method of the breaker drill rod.

Many users often have big misunderstandings in the choice of accessories for the breaker hammer, and the most common one is to use the extended drill rod. In fact, the accessories of each type of breaker have their own matching standards, because the length of the drill rod is usually ignored by the user in addition to the precise size of the installation. In fact, it is not the case. If it is not for special circumstances, the use of extended drill rods will do nothing. So why do many users choose to buy drill rods that exceed the standard length of the breaker model?


breaker hammer


First of all, let us understand how the extended drill rod appeared? After the breaker hammer drill rod is worn to a certain extent during use, it needs to be replaced with a new drill rod. In addition to the factors of working conditions, the service life of a drill rod also depends on whether the quality and wear resistance of the drill rod itself is outstanding. The quality of the drill rod is determined by its material selection and heat treatment process. When the heat treatment process is constant, the material difference of the drill rod is the biggest reason for its wear resistance.


With the intensification of price competition among manufacturers, many manufacturers choose inferior materials to reduce costs, but then the wear resistance of the drill rod decreases, and the service life is naturally shortened. At this time, the method of lengthening the drill rod is used to make up for its shortened service life. Users will not understand that the lifespan decline is caused by inferior materials, and be misled into thinking that the longer is better than the shorter. Therefore, users will find that many drill rods with a diameter of 100 are 1300mm long, a drill rod with a diameter of 140 is 1500MM long, and a drill rod with a diameter of 155 is 1700MM long, and they are considered mainstream. In fact, when encountering really bad working conditions, the drill rod of inferior material will show its original shape.


breaker hammer


The extended drill rod does not last longer than the high-quality standard drill rod, and the shortcomings and hidden dangers of choosing the extended drill rod are invisible to many users:

1. Lengthening the drill rod will increase the probability of the drill rod being broken during use, which will greatly increase the user's cost.

2. It will reduce the strike force of the hammer. The breaker hammer uses hydraulic oil and air pressure to push the piston back and forth to strike the drill rod, so that the energy is transmitted to the tip of the drill rod through the drill rod and converted into impact force to achieve the crushing effect. The excessively long drill rod will reduce the energy conversion rate during the transmission process, the hammer's striking force will be insufficient, and the work efficiency will decrease. 

3. After the drill rod is lengthened, in order to ensure that the breaker works vertically, the angle between the arms and arms of the excavator will change. Under the strong impact of the breaker hammer, it will work at an incorrect angle for a long time. The arm will definitely be greatly affected, reducing the life of the big and small arms.