Correct choice of cleaning agent to double the life of the excavator pile hammer

Published by HuiTong 2022-12-20

We all know that excavator pile hammer basically work outdoors because of their work content, and some of them are not paved roads, and the dust is also serious during drilling operations, and it is easy to be contaminated with sand and dust, which will continue to rise over time. Oil stains formed on various parts of the fuselage. Therefore, cleaning is a very important part of the maintenance of the piling hammer, and choosing the right cleaning agent can allow you to complete the cleaning and maintenance of the piling hammer with less effort. Fast piling hammer has summed up different cleaning solutions for different piling hammers based on years of practical experience.


excavator pile hammer


1. Alkaline solution

This is the most common cleaning agent, such as household soap and washing powder, which can be regarded as alkaline solution cleaners. Of course, there are special alkaline solution cleaners for cleaning excavator pile hammer, which generally need to be diluted with water before use. It should be noted that the This cleaning agent is corrosive to aluminum. If the parts contain aluminum, this cleaning agent should not be used, and after cleaning, rinse with clean water in time to remove the residual alkaline solution.


2. Organic solution

The more common ones are light diesel oil, gasoline, acetone, alcohol and trichloroethylene. The main purpose is to remove oil. It can easily remove all kinds of grease without heating. It is not corrosive to metal and has a good cleaning effect, but it cannot be used for Cleaning of rubber and plastic parts.


excavator pile hammer


3. Chemical cleaning solution

A chemically synthesized aqueous solution of water-based metal cleaning agent, mainly surfactant, with strong decontamination ability, and some auxiliary agents are often added to this cleaning agent, which can protect metal parts, and has certain anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion after cleaning. Rust, carbon deposition and other functions.


Remind you that when cleaning and maintaining the excavator pile hammer, choose the appropriate cleaning agent according to the material of the parts to be cleaned, and do not mix them, so as to avoid the cleaning agent causing erosion or corrosion of the cleaned parts.