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Excavator with Telescopic Arm Attachment Used in Villages

Published by HuiTong 2024-05-16

"Construction follows the plan, Living environment changes your daily life". This type of slogan is everywhere in the Namin Village, Natao Township, Bama County. As the environment renovation policies under going in the Chinese Villages, Namin Village also follows the policy and putting efforts to the work with the government and excavator with telescopic arm attachment were been used as the major tool . Prior to this, we could see the phenomenon of random arrangement everywhere. There was no reasonable planning in the rural areas at all, and the houses that were in disrepair were not repaired. As people kept pouring into the cities, weeds in rural areas It has also begun to spread, providing shelter for mosquitoes, snakes and rats, and seriously endangering the lives and safety of people.


Any construction will need heavy duty machines such as excavators. And excavator with telescopic arm attachment is one of the most common tool to use with.


Excavator Telescopic Arm Product Photos


Led by the Director of the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, Secretary of the Minmin Village Mo Xiangao and a group of village cadres in the work of Sanqing and Sanjiao, they first helped the villagers who were in need and helped the villagers who think it through and refuse to cooperate. Convicing the people by explaining the future blueprint to the people and walk them through all the details. When everything was ready, an excavator with telescopic arm attachment was deployed to assist the masses in carrying out the work of clearing and demolition. The telescopic arm modification can be well adapted to such an operating environment. Whether it is demolishing a dilapidated house or clearing weeds and weeds in the village, the excavator telescopic arm modification can be well controlled and it's highly efficient.


                               Product Photos For Excavator Telescopic Arm


In addition, the originally clogged river can also be cleaned through the modification of the excavator with telescopic arm attachment. Under the guidance of the guidance group, the excavator telescopic arm modification works in an orderly manner. Looking at the better environment, people's hearts are getting brighter and brighter, and the work of cadres is also advancing more and more quickly. Under the leadership of government officials, the Sanqingsansan demolition work in many areas has achieved good results.