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What You Should Know About The Customized Excavator Boom Extension

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

    I believe that all friends in the machinery industry are no strangers to the customized excavator boom extension. In our municipal construction, subway traffic improvement, sewer reconstruction, river cleaning, etc., a large number of engineering machinery and equipment will be used, and standard excavation Machinery cannot meet all construction needs. In some special construction environments, standard excavators have brought great inconvenience to our construction. At this time, all kinds of the customized excavator boom extension will be amazing.

Let us understand the members of the customized excavator boom extension family:

High quality Long Reach Boom Arm 8.8

1. Long Reach Boom Arm: The use range is relatively large, and the main function is to increase the digging radius. It can be found in various sites that require large-scale digging. The general modified size is in the range of 10-26 meters.

High Quality High Reach Arm Demolition 8.8

2. High Reach Arm Demolition: or multi-section customized excavator boom extension, mainly used in the dismantling of high-rise buildings. The modified size is in the range of 20-28 meters.

High Quality Telescopic boom 8.8

3. Telescopic boom: It is suitable for large effective working distance, high working height, and engineering operations that need to cross obstacles to load and unload goods. The modified size is within 26 meters.

High Quality Piling BOOM 8.8

4. Piling Boom and Arm: the large and small arms are straight, the front arm is about 2.6 meters, and the vibrating hammer, which is suitable for pulling steel sheet piles for road and railway construction or buried pipelines.

Problems that need to be clear in the modification

    It is not recommended to modify the new machine, because after the customized excavator boom extension is modified, the load of the excavator will increase, and the after-sales service disputes with the original factory may occur if the warranty period has not passed;

    It is also not recommended to modify the machine below 50%, because the machine has a long life, and all aspects of performance are reduced. After modification, it is difficult to play its due efficiency. The modification of the customized excavator boom extension is most suitable for 50% to 80%. New excavator.

    Before refitting the old machine, we must first carry out the quality inspection to avoid the unqualified performance of the old excavator after the refit, which may cause the extended boom to not fully exert its due efficiency.

    It is necessary to select the most suitable extension arm for modification according to the performance of the excavator and the operating environment, operating requirements, its own quality, and the capacity of the bucket attachment. Never blindly pursue efficiency while ignoring performance and safety.