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Essential for excavator high efficient quick coupler

Published by HuiTong 2024-05-16

     Excavator attachments are constantly being updated, and more and more types appear, but troubles follow, and replacement of attachments is too laborious to implement. The high-efficient quick coupler is born to adapt, also known as the high-efficiency quick-change joint. It is installed at the front end of the excavator working device, which can realize the replacement of various excavator attachments without manual disassembly of the pin shaft, so that the excavator can be expanded. Various operations such as crushing, shearing, cleaning, compaction, milling, transporting, pinching, grabbing, scraping, loosening, hoisting, etc. The entire attachment replacement process is simple, safe and reliable, saving time, and greatly improving The efficiency of the excavator.


1. Classification of The high-efficient quick coupler for excavators
     From the product structure and function level, The high-efficient quick coupler can be divided into two categories. One type has simple structure and only has the function of quick change connection, called ordinary quick change; the other type not only has quick connection function, but also increases The freedom of attachment is called universal quick connection. Only ordinary quick connectors are introduced here, and ordinary quick-changes are divided into mechanical and hydraulic types according to the driving mode.

The high efficiency quick coupler 8.11

2. Working principle of hydraulic The high-efficient quick coupler
     The hydraulic The high-efficient quick coupler joint is mainly used to fix and loosen the pins 1 and 2 by the action of the cylinder. When working parts need to be replaced, the oil cylinder is retracted, the hook-shaped clamp moves from position 1 to the position 2, the quick-change coupling is separated and replaced with other working parts, after the hook-shaped clamp is aligned with the pin, the cylinder is opened again , The hook-shaped pressing block moves from position 2 to position 1 to lock the pin of the working fitting. Of course, except for this, the external oil circuit and solenoid valve work at the same time. It is recommended to choose hydraulic quick connectors for excavators above 13T.

The high efficiency quick coupler 8.11

3. Working principle of mechanical The high-efficient quick coupler
     Mechanical The high-efficient quick coupler couplings are also divided into many types. There are two commonly used ones, one pin type and one screw type. The principle of bolt-type quick-change is that when working parts need to be replaced, the wedge-shaped card is pulled out first, the T-shaped buckle is knocked in, and the quick-change joint is separated from the bucket. When the required working parts are changed, the T-shaped buckle is pulled back, and the wedge-shaped card is inserted into the T-shaped buckle to lock. Screw-type structure, the product structure is simple and easy to operate. It requires a manual operating mechanism to replace the working device. Usually a spring locking method is adopted. Due to the manual unlocking force, the spring force cannot be too large, which will easily cause the lock hook to loosen and need to be installed safely. Devices such as pins are generally widely used on small excavators. It is recommended to choose mechanical The high-efficient quick coupler for excavators under 13 tons.