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Why is your hard heavy duty bucket not durable?

Published by HuiTong 2024-05-16

    The hard heavy duty bucket is the most important working weapon of the excavator, and it is inseparable from all kinds of excavation operations. However, in the actual work process, many excavator drivers will have irregular operating behaviors, which will shorten the service life of the excavator. So what operations will cause great harm to the hard duty bucket? What operating matters should be paid attention to?

The hard heavy duty bucket 8.121

  1. 1.Don't use a hard heavy duty bucket to pry open objects

    The first prohibited operation: use a hard heavy duty bucket to pry the animal body for excavation. Use the back of the bucket to collide with the rock. Due to the principle of lever, pressure is applied to the bucket teeth, so that the bucket and the bucket teeth will be damaged at the same time.

      The correct operation method should be to use the bucket and the forearm together to carry out the excavation operation. When a large stress is generated, the safety valve of the hydraulic system will automatically adjust the used force to a suitable range.

The hard heavy duty bucket 8.122

  1. 2.It is forbidden to use a hard heavy duty bucket to drop and impact rock operations

    The second prohibited operation action is to use the force generated by the falling of a hard heavy duty bucket to excavate the rock in an impact type. This approach will produce a greater impact load on the hard hard duty bucket, power arm, and car body bucket. It causes damage and even causes cracking.

    This operation will reduce the life of a rigid bucket by about a quarter compared to normal operation.

The hard heavy duty bucket 8.123

  1. 3.It is forbidden to use the inertia of the rotating fuselage to hit an object

    The third prohibited operation behavior is: using the inertia generated by the rotation of the fuselage is the side wall of the bucket hitting and moving objects. Such an operation will accelerate the abrasion of the side wall of the hard heavy duty bucket, and reduce the life of the bucket. At the same time, the excavator arm will also receive a great load, which will seriously affect the life of the excavator.

    Even if the bucket teeth are not inserted into the soil, they cannot rotate and impact operations. The bucket teeth are likely to hit hard objects and generate force, which will cause bending and deformation of the excavator's arms, thereby affecting the service life of the excavator.


    The above are several common wrong operations that damage the hard heavy duty bucket. I hope everyone will try to avoid them during the operation.